Free Online Training For Professionals Who Want More Clients

3 Reasons Why Your Initial Consultations and Other Sales Conversations Are Not Bringing You As Many New Clients As You Want

And How To Get More Clients To Say ‘Yes’ To Working With You
Without Being ‘Salesy’ or Unprofessional)

In this FREE online training you will discover:

  • The 3 Biggest Reasons why your initial consultations or meetings aren’t bringing you as many new clients as you want.
  • The one thing you must do if you want more of your ideal clients to hire you at the end of every consultation or sales conversation – without you feeling unprofessional or ‘salesy’ and without your clients feeling pressured or uncomfortable.
  • A simple 5 Step Formula for getting more of your ideal clients to say ‘yes’ to working with you – so you can get more clients and increase your fee income and profits without compromising your professional integrity.

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • You provide a professional service (lawyer, architect, health practitioner, consultant, trainer, coach etc) but you aren’t getting as many clients as you’d like from your initial consultations?
  • You want more clients, paying you higher prices, but you don’t want to do anything which feels ‘salesy’ or unprofessional?
  • You want to put an end to hearing the words “I can’t afford it” or “that’s too expensive” at the end of your initial consultations or sales conversations?
  • You know you need to get better at turning more prospective clients into paying clients, but you want practical advice, not theory and textbooks?

If the answer to any of these is ‘yes’ then I am going to show you how to do just that in a FREE online training session for solicitors and other professionals who want more clients.

You’ll leave this session knowing exactly what you need to do to improve the results you are getting from your initial consultations or sales conversations, so you can get more clients and make more money – without compromising your professional integrity.

This no-cost online training is running on a variety of dates – click the REGISTER NOW button to find out more. 

About Your Trainer: Michelle Peters, The Business Instructor

Michelle Peters The Business InstructorI’m Michelle Peters, The Business Instructor, and I know what it’s like to want more clients but not want to do anything which feels like ‘selling’. I was the same – when I stopped being a lawyer in a large City firm and set up my own business, it took me a long time to develop the skills I needed to attract more of the right kinds of prospective clients to me, and easily convert them into paying clients, without having to feel like I was chasing after them or ‘selling’ my services. I had to learn the hard way, making lots of mistakes along the way and doing a lot of free consultations which brought me lots of praise and thanks but no business….

But then I found a new way to do those initial consultations that consistently got more of my ideal clients to say ‘yes’ to working with me in a way which felt comfortable and ethical and positioned me as an expert, not a salesperson. In my FREE online training I am going to share with you the real reasons why your initial consultations or sales conversations aren’t bringing you as many new clients as you want. I’ll also show you what to do about it – and reveal my 5 step formula for getting more new clients from every consultation or new client meeting that you do.


“We have just participated in Michelle’s excellent webinar “3 Reasons why your consultations are not bringing you as many new clients as your want”. Michelle hit every aspect of this difficult area right on target and we gained great clarity as to what we need to do to improve our performance converting prospective clients into paying clients. Michelle presents her techniques in a straightforward manner and makes you see how a pitch or consultation should work through the eyes of a customer. We would recommend Michelle without hesitation and we have booked her to work with us again.” Bill and Rachael Ward. Rachael Ward Ltd Trade Mark Attorneys

Extremely worthwhile and helpful hour spent listening to Michelle deliver a logical and important message in a very clear and concise manner.  Michelle’s advice was pragmatic and completely relevant for many different industries, as well as for me personally in helping to build my acupuncture business.  I also appreciated the interactive style of the webinar, which made it more relevant and helpful to those participating.” Victoria Stockton, Otzi Acupuncture

 It was a very clear introduction to the importance of improving outcomes from initial consultations to obtain more clients. It was simple and enjoyable and worth 60 minutes of my time.  Thank You!” Siobán Thomas, Leaf and Acre Limited

“Thanks for a great video Michelle. Very professional and informative. Good both for beginners in business and the more experienced. The latter can sometimes get into bad habits and it’s good to get re-focused on what we should be doing.”Jessica Hylands, Confidence Coach


I was attracted by Michelle’s experience and understanding of the commercial legal services market, and asked her to review my firm’s marketing and advise what could be improved. She proposed a more coherent strategic approach, based around knowledge/education based marketing. In the succeeding months we have been working together to implement those plans. She has proved to be as good at looking at the detail as at the big picture. It is still early days but I can already see a significant increase in the number of new enquiries, and the percentage who become clients. In the first 6 months of this year, enquiries have increased by 30% and the percentage of those enquiries becoming clients has increased by 36%. Michelle gives good value and I would recommend her to anyone running a practice similar to mine”. Andrew Park, APP Law Solicitors
“In just one session Michelle identified some key strategies I needed to implement to improve my sales conversions. I put them into practice and immediately secured a new client as a result.” Jason Wright, Manager at Kingston Smith & Partners LLP, London
“I first met Michelle at her seminar on “Get More Clients Without Being Salesy – Marketing Strategies for Lawyers” at the City Business Library. I have never done any marketing for my law firm but I thought in these difficult times ‘what have I to lose?’. Well I found I had absolutely nothing to lose and much to gain. Michelle showed me how to use education-based marketing to attract more clients. I signed up for her “Get More Clients with Less Selling” programme and she has completely changed my mind on how to market myself and my business. It was not easy and you have to put some work in but I believe it will all be worthwhile. I now feel I have the knowledge and marketing materials and strategies. I need to help me attract more clients. I no doubt will be using Michelle again in the future. She is a pleasure to work with, and always well prepared for our sessions and I have no hesitation in recommending her.” Avril Price, AJA Legal Services Ltd

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